UNEB changes O-Level English exam format

On top of the recently announced changes in the question format for some examination papers for Senior Six candidates this year, those sitting Senior Four final examinations will also be introduced to something new.


According to a circular posted on Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) website, candidates will, effective this year, be required to answer one question on functional skills (Section A) and another on creative writing (Section B) unlike before when one could answer two questions from the same section, in most cases section B.


“This therefore means that a question on functional skills is now compulsory,” a circular reads in part adding,

“Those who do not attempt the compulsory question (number one) in Section A and instead answer two questions from Section B will lose marks as their second number selected from Section B will not be marked.”


Before Uneb announces any changes in question setting format, the National Curriculum Development Centre first sends sample questions and formats to schools on how learners will be assessed at least a year before to enable them incorporate the new content in the syllabus.


Other changes
Recently, government also announced a new question setting format for Entrepreneurship and Fine Art papers, which will see some papers scraped and other merged.


Under Entrepreneurship, candidates will do three papers not two as has been the case in the past. Paper One (P230/1), which was formerly a practical paper is now a theory paper with section A and B comprising five and six questions respectively.


Paper Two (P230/2), which is new, has six questions but a candidates will be required to attempt only four questions while Paper 3 (P230/3), which is now a practical paper, will comprise four questions and all carry equal marks.


In Fine Art candidates will do only five papers, not seven they were doing previously, following a merger of Paper One (Still Life) and Paper Two (Nature) to form Paper One, while Paper Three (Living Person) with Paper Four (Imaginative Composition), becomes Paper Two (drawing or painting from living person)

Howver, some complained that they lack fully–fledged entrepreneurship labs and money for students to carry out field visits.



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