Premier Pinda lauds TIC's website

Executive Director of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Ms Juliet Kairuki

Executive Director of Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Ms Juliet Kairuki

Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, has said that the newly launched Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) website is a plus towards strengthening Tanzania’s business and investment climate.
The Premier gave the assurance just after the launching of the website in China during the Tanzania-China Business Forum in the city of Guangzhou over the weekend.
The launch of TIC website in China coincided with a 9-day visit to China led by Mr. Pinda aimed at bolstering trade and investment links between the two countries.
Almost 100 Companies from China and Tanzania attended the business forum whereby seven agreements between China and Tanzania were signed.   
The Premier urged investors and prospective ones from within and outside the country to take advantage of the website and benefit from a wide range of information that will help them in their endevours.
“This is a unique opportunity, you should take advantage of it,” he said.
The TIC executive Director Ms. Juliet Kairuki who was part of the senior Tanzanian Government delegation said the website, provides a single platform for domestic and foreign investors to access information relevant to making investments in Tanzania.
As part of an on-going and concerted effort to improve the investment climate in the country, TIC strives to offer relevant information to prospective and actual investors to help them navigate the administrative process in Tanzania.
“Key benefits of the new system for domestic and foreign investors includes cutting out the middlemen by web-based approach and bringing transparency to the administrative process detailing clearly what needs to be done by making this information available to the public for free,” she said.
She noted that the new website will transform the way Tanzanians at home and investors abroad interact with the Government and how they complete governmental administrative procedures such as registering their companies, registering for TIC certificate of incentives, registering for taxation and many more.
The new website contains detailed breakdown of almost 30 procedures and more than 136 formalities available online through the web portal.
More than 138 documents including forms and 38 legal justifications have been uploaded to assist an entrepreneur to merely get in touch with more than 20 public institutions and 88 civil servants involved in handling administrative procedures whose full contact details are publicized.
Every piece of information is kept updated by an autonomous team at the TIC, which also ensures that the information is officially approved and users’ queries are answered swiftly and precisely.
The website also provides an indication of the time-required to complete each step in a particular process, recording the time in number of hours or days required and fees that may need to be paid for a particular administrative step - eliminating any confusion.
TIC is among the first investment promotion agencies in the SADC region to provide this level of detailed information, embracing the process of “e-Regulations” the digitization of government administrative processes.
TIC’s new website is the product of an e-Regulations business facilitation business that TIC has partnered with UNCTAD to roll out.
It aims to strengthen Tanzania’s business environment by clarifying, simplifying and widely publicizing administrative rules related to business and investment.
The new TIC website displays laws and procedures in a perfectly transparent way and from the user's point of view.
It ensures that the user, at every single step, knows who to contact, what documents to bring and to obtain, what to pay, how long to wait, who to complain to and what laws regulate each interaction with a government institution.


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